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International Conference EE

Conference Info

Title of the project: „Multiculturalism in the face of cultural identity - youth educational projects”

Period of the project: 01.10. 2016 - 30.09.2017


Multiculturalism - the project website link

Click on the link above and you will be transferred to all resources such as scenarios, games, quizes - the results of the project. All the resources are free to use, download and share.

Have fun!

Requirements for high school students, which are currently changing very dynamically and constantly changing situation in Europe concerning migrants, became a challenge for us to create the project. European countries need citizens involved in social and political life not only to enable the development of basic democratic values, but also to increase social cohesion in the face of increasing social and cultural diversity.

Teenagers need knowledge that will prepare them to develop awareness of multiculturalism in the face of changes occurring in the contemporary world, which will help young people in the development of life skills in a multicultural society, assimilation and overcoming the barriers of prejudice in choosing their educational or professional path.

Students in Poland, Slovakia and the UK have insufficient information about multiculturalism and transculturalism. They do not have access to the knowledge of multidisciplinary solutions of problems and information - guidance on critical thinking and interpretation of various social phenomena. Teachers and teaching staff are searching for modern and interesting teaching resources for young people from this area.

Looking at the facts the Leader of the project has diagnosed a key problem - the lack of modern tools adapted to the changing situation today in a multicultural Europe - together with Partners they have analyzed this issue in the partners’ countries, and defined the lack of a comprehensive solution to this problem.

This confirms the diagnosis in the European Council 2016 report for migrants: shows that there is a lack of comprehensive solutions concerning making aware youth about life in multicultural society. A social and civic competences are an important element of European cooperation in the field of education. They are a part of the eight key competences of citizens living in a knowledge-based society, which in 2006 was described by the European Council and the European Parliament.

The main target of the strategic partnership is to develop a universal multilingual tools and materials, which directly contribute to increasing the level of awareness of school children in the area of multiculturalism and national identity.

All of the tools will be generally on a common, dedicated to youth website.

Selected areas are part of the principles of respect for human rights in European Community law, ie. The respect of multiculturalism and the protection of people belonging to national and ethnic minorities. Supporting multiculturalism is the value adopted in the legal systems of modern democracy, and also meet the provisions: art. 22 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union "The Union shall respect cultural, religious and linguistic diversity."

The innovative project "Multiculturalism in the face of cultural identity - youth educational projects" involves gathering in one place:

- Package of educational tools targeted at schoolchildren, which will apply to the parallel target groups (teachers, educators, students, parents) consisting of: digital content concerning multiuculturalism, living at the crossroads of cultures in multicultural society.

The project involves the development of universal results. The involvement of international partners will develop products that will be able to be used and will be used in the partner countries.

Developed products will be useful for customers regardless of their place of residence, which at today's educational and professional mobility is of paramount importance.

Implementation of the project will proceed in two stages:

STAGE I: Developing innovative multimedia tools for the youth in the field of multiculturalism and identity.

In the first stage will be developed innovative solutions in the field of modern methods of learning and cooperation of school youth on the fourth stage of education (according to the Polish classification) - at the age of 15-18 - years through the development of substantive and technological modern tools for school youth. For the production of materials will be involved experts and students in each of the countries of the Partnership.

STAGE II: Validation developed educational materials and disseminating

During this stage developed tools will be tested in schools, modified after evaluation and validation. There are planned 3 dissemination events (conferences and seminars).

The impact of the project will not end with the closure of its implementation. Developed innovative materials will be available after implementation of the project.

Project co-funded under the European Union Programme Erasmus +"







Consultation and implementation of the project scenarios and results

with professionals and young people in United Kingdom

October 2016 - September 2017 

The seondary schools for students age 11-16 and 16-18 are very different

to those in Poland and Slovakia.

We had a great chance to visit one og the local colleges in Bradford

- Grange Technology College.  

NEWS - click on the link below to find out more 

October 2016

Initial International Meeting in Poland 

Initial International Expert Meeting in Poland! Kick of meeting and the launch of the project took place in October 2016 (27. Oct. 2016) International Meeting inaugurated the project Multiculturalism in the face of cultural identity - youth educational projects in Poland, in the Center in Falenty.

You will find the project results at

January 2017

International Conference in United Kingdom 

The International Conference in Bradford, United Kingdom took a place in January 2017. We are proud to announce you that prof. Arkady Rzegocki , the Ambassador of the Polish Republic in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Embassy in London was the Honoured Patron of our international conference "Multiculturalism in terms of preserving identity. Equality and diversity in education," which took a place in Bradford 23 January 2017 We would like to say "Thank You " to our special guest Mrs. Aleksandra Ścibich - Kopiec - Deputy Director General, Foundation for the Development of the Education System, Director of the Erasmus+ Programme Multiculturalism in terms of preserving identity. Equality and diversity" funded by Erasmus Plus programme from the project "Multiculturalism in the face of cultural identity - youth educational projects" – 2016-2-PL01-KA205 027375 This conference was organised by UK-BUTTERFLIES from Bradford, United Kingdom

January 2017

International Meeting in United Kingdom 

Second International Meeting took place in Bradford, United Kingdom in January 2017. The project of the leader Edu Expert together with Catholic University from Slovakia and UK-Butterflies from the UK discussed the cooperation and set up the date for the next International Meeting of Experts in Slovakia and the Second International Conference in Poprad, Slovakia.

June 2017

International Meeting in Slovakia

Second International Expert Meeting in Slovakia! The meeting took place in June 2017 in Slovakia, Poprad. The leader of the project Edu Expert together with UK-Butterflies from the UK and Catholic Univeristy from Slovakia discussed the plan for implementation of the project and further cooperation.

June 2017

International Conference in Slovakia  

Second International Conference took part in Poprad, Slovakia in June 2017. took a place on Łódź in September 2017. Slovak partner talked about the differnces in educational system in Slovakia and multiculturalism in terms of preserving identity.

September 2017

Final International Meeting in Poland  

Final International meeting in Poland took a place on Łódź in September 2017. Leader of the project together with the project partner summarised the project and its outcomes. We also discussed the tools and the results of the project.

September 2017

Final International Conference in Poland 

International conference in Poland took place on 29th September 2017 in Łódź. Multiculturalism in terms of preserving identity. Equality and diversity in education.


Project Leader and Partners -


The Leader of the project

Edu Expert Poland

Partners of the project

UK-Butterflies United Kingdom

Catholic University Slovakia