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UK - Butterflies LTD non profit organisation                REGISTERED AT UK Register of Learning Providers

Registration number of Learning Providers in the UK (UKPRN) is 10066595

C1 Project Mobilty Action

On 2-7 February 2019, the first alternative education workshops C1 of the Self Starting method were held, which were created as part of the project "Grow it up - Competences and framework for the social system youth workers" implemented by the Poviat Family Support Centre in Oświęcim Poland in partnership with UK BUTERFLIES LTD, Foundation for Education Development and Innovation FERI as part of the Erasmus + program.

12 professionals from Poland attended the workshop in the UK - employees of the Care and Education Centre Kęty, Children's Home in Oświęcim, District Family Assistance Center in Oświęcim, Police Headquarters project participant, Poviat Team No. 10 Schools of Mechanical and Electricity. Nicolaus Copernicus in Kety.

All the professionals work on a daily basis with vulnerable youth and people socially excluded or in the risk of social exclusion.

During the workshops analyzes of different work methods took place. All applications, recommendations and solutions developed during the project were analyzed.

Exchange of experiences, good practices, problems solving and joint refinement of solutions helped to apply methods in different environments.

While working with the SELF-STARTING method, participants learned to perceive "problematic" behaviors as signs of a young person experiencing excessive stress. The situations of exposure were discussed, for example during public speeches, in a group where a person working with youth focuses on working with a child or a young person who can be impulsive, aggressive, withdrawn, explosive, has difficulty regulating emotions, often experiences emotional crises or has a changeable mood, can not bear frustration, surrenders to the smallest of obstacles, has problems with focusing attention or ignoring distracting stimuli and problems with dealing with relationships or feeling empathy. Participants learned how to determine what constitutes stressors for a particular person and how carers, teachers, youth workers, or therapists can reduce them and support young people in self regulation. The next step was to practice how to teach a young person to deal with stress and its consequences. The participants took part in an additional cyberbullying training run by a West Yorkshire Cybercrime Police Office from Bradford. New threats in the network, methods of counteracting them and the direction of work with a young man have been discussed.

Participants at the end of the workshop received certificates and materials. 



January 2019  

We met on the out of agenda in Poland. Our PSC was visiting Poland. She also found time to meet the Leader of the Project. We are glad the cooperation goes smoothly. During the meeting we discussed the preparation for C1 mobility in the UK in February 2019. During the meeting we discussed the agenda for the training for professionals from Poland. The Mobility Action will be held at Jurys Inn Hotel in Bradford. It will last 4 days.





22ND OCTOBER 2018 we held our first international project meeting in Poland, Oświęcim. The meeting regarding the GROW project funded by Erasmus+ was attended by representatives of UK BUTTERFLIES LTD non-profit organization from Great Britain, FERI Foundation from Krakow. It was organised by Powiat Oświęcimski Powiatowe Centrum Pomocy Rodzinie (Oświęcim County Family Support Centre) in Oświęcim, Poland. There was a meeting of project experts who work with young people on everyday basis and know the developmental needs of young people.

The first set of materials developed was discussed, including description of the SELF-STARTING method, questionnaire for screening the level and type of stress in adolescents, work cards. On the basis of the analysis of school and social difficulties in the youth, the areas in which special attention should be paid to the preparation of tools for specialists and training were defined. The materials developed during the project are to play a supportive role for the pedagogues, psychologists and educators, therefore tools consultations will be carried out on an ongoing basis, and changes will be made according to the recipients' suggestions.

We invite you to cooperation!