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UK - Butterflies LTD non profit organisation                REGISTERED AT UK Register of Learning Providers

Registration number of Learning Providers in the UK (UKPRN) is 10066595

Learn how to get and keep a job by gaining insight about what employers expect from you while job searching, when you interview with them and when you begin working for them. Learn helpful tips about how to handle challenging situations at work and monitoring your on-line presence.

Learn how to maneuver your way through MS Word with a focus on creating, modifying and saving your resume then practice e-mailing your resume off to a potential employer and uploading your resume to a website.

Our sessions are an opportunity to identify a key strengths so that people can create a great resume, and effectively sell themselves during interviews and networking opportunities while taking the time to think about strengths and determining why they are good at what they do. This workshop helps create a valuable foundation for people's job search.

Don’t just wait for a job opportunity to arise… network! In this session, you will create a powerful introduction and learn effective ways to make connections with employers. Find out how to access the hidden job market and gain access to the 85% of jobs that are never advertised

Learn how to best prepare for the job interview including everything from mental preparation to matching your skills to the job requirements and preparing for the most commonly asked interview questions.